Saturday 14 November 2009

Night coxing list

The Chesterton R.C. Night Rowing Policy currently says:
Only those coxes on the night-time coxes list may cox at night. All coxes wishing to be added to this list must discuss this with the club captain who will ensure that the cox is suitably experienced or trained.
(It also forbids night sculling).

At a recent committee meeting we decided to split the list into two sections: "full" night coxes, and "under measures" night coxes, who are expected to be more cautious than full night coxes. Specifically, "under measures" coxes should not go past the reach; and should be more cautious about both coxing in general and the weather conditions under which an outing is permitted.

This list was last updated 2011/11/14 and supersedes the old list. Note: it includes a number of people no longer part of the club, but who we still trust :-).

"Full" list

* John Aspden
* Alison Binney
* David Byrne
* Emma Cosham
* Fiona Knights
* Emma Metcalf
* Andy Nicol
* Anne Roberts
* Chris Smith
* James Tidy
* Simon Emmings
* Fio Brady

"Under measures" list

* Katherine Webster
* William Connolley
* Sarah Coates
* Joss Telford
* Robert Nimmo

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