Monday, 14 January 2013

Winter league 2013, leg 1

This year we have two men's VIIIs, a ladies VIII, and a lone scull (your humble author). See-also 2012.

Of the men (for I am a man, and can only really speak of manly matters) the one in division 1 was entered as Nov and was intended for the novices and newer folk. The one in division 3 was entered as IM3, but as it happened this leg it was full of pointless people. Also, due to shortages, several people rowed twice, and may have been a bit tired for the second race, despite a hearty breakfast in the Tivoli in between. Of the sculling, well, I haven't been practicing recently and got stuffed by Morley - say no more.

Weather: cold and grey, thin broken ice on the flooded fields by the start. Just to rub it in, the sun came out when it was all over. So we went for another coffee.

Full results are available from the CRA, or perhaps more conveniently via google docs here.

401 Cantabs Men     IM1 8             09:18 1
101 City Men        IM1 8  Dolman     09:33 2
404 99RC Men        IM3 8  Rolin      09:43 3
402 X-Press Men     IM2 8  fastx      09:57 4
308 ChestertonMen   IM3 8  Squamata   11:08 22
118 ChestertonMen   Nov 8  Crocodilia 12:09 56=
440 Cantabs         Nov 1X Morley     13:21 134=
124 ChestertonWomen Nov 8  Richards   13:02 122=
138 ChestertonMen   MasC1X Connolley  14:36 174=

Oh - what was the rowing like, and who did it?

Nov (Div 1): C - JT; S - Dave B; Will W; John H; Ian F; Paul B; Luca; John R; Simon E.
IM3 (Div3): C - JT; S - William C; Will W; Luca; Dave R; Dave B; Chris W; Simon E; Simon G.
W Nov 8+ (div1): C - Dave R; S - Lorraine; Joss; Sarah CH; Anne; Bev; Jo; Sarah D; Meg.

Apparently the "novice" mens crew was quite decent and rowable. The "IM3" one was surprisingly so (am I sounding patronising? I hope not, I don't mean to be), and was enjoyable at 30.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Head of the Cam: Saturday 27th April 2013

hoc-shield[Hi folks! Anyone coming here interested in the HoC 2014: Welcome. Please go to: here for the 2014 event.]

The Head of the Cam Race is to be held on SATURDAY 27th APRIL 2013
Last-minute notes and updates, and results in due course, are available from the race results page.


Course of 2,600m upstream on the river Cam. 4 divisions, VIII's, IV's, smaller boats. BR, CRA, College classes.

Deadline for entries: Tuesday, April the 23rd.
Prizes of tastefully engraved shot glasses for category winners.
Enquiries and entries:

please contact the Race Secretary, William Connolley, at / 07985 935400.
For entries, please state your crew details: club, boat type (VIII, 4+, 4-, 4x, 2, 2x, 1x, etc), crew status (CRA / BR / College 1st Mays, 2nd, etc.), preferred division, and any constraints with crews in other divisions.

4 divisions, times:
Division 10900
Division 21040
Division 31220
Division 41400

It would be greatly appreciated if you would provide an estimate of your expected time, to be used for seeding purposes. If you don't provide one, I'll guess. Please attempt to be accurate rather than optimistic or pessimistic. An accurate estimate is most important for crews hoping to race without overtaking or being overtaking, either of which can slow you down.
Divisions tend to fill up for the VIII's, for which we have a rough limit of 25 per division. But (within reason) we can accommodate as many sculls and small boats as you like.

Entry: £6.50 per rowing seat. Cheques payable to CRA, sent to W M Connolley, 28 Silverdale Avenue, Coton, CB23 7PP (or direct transfer, details on request). Put your crew name(s) clearly on the back or on an enclosure.

Entry deadline: everyone wants to know what the entry deadline is, so that they can submit their entry 5 minutes before it, or more likely a day afterwards. Don't make me come and kill you. The deadline is the Tuesday before the race.

head-of-the-cam-course-map The course is 2,600 m. Click on the map for a larger version, or explore via google maps.


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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Winter ergo league, phase 2

The pre-Christmas leg of the Total Distance League was won by David Byrne with an impressive total of 319244. The "top 5" (I had to go to 5 to include me) were:
1. Dave B       319244
2. Simon E      116138
3. Anne R       102089
4. Chris W       82929
5. William C     82856
Now its time to change the rules to stop Dave winning again. So the post-Christmas league (not sure when it will end; we might perhaps have a monthly winner) will allow you to add distances for
  • erging
  • rowing
  • running
  • cycling
Cycling is easier, per km, than rowing or running. So cycling distances count as 1/3 of erging. Erging, rowing and running are counted at parity (I'm not sure that's entirely fair, but its close enough).

There is a spreadsheet to track this. Its here. Viewing is public, editing is by-invite-from-me; just ask (actually I think those I've invited can also add others, via the "share" button. Please do). I've pre-invited some usual suspects, my apologies to anyone I've missed who I should have asked.


Its a google doc, so you just fill it in online. Its a spreadsheet, so you follow the usual spreadsheet rules. Fill it in per-week. The current week should be nicely colourised in green. There is no "save" button, it just auto-saves. Don't worry about fouling it up, it also keeps history.

The total is auto-generated. If you do something (rowing, say) more than once (say, 10km and then 12 km) you have two choices:

  • add the distances yourself (careful!) and enter them in the column
  • in the column, write "=10+12" and it will work out 22 for you
OK, that seems pretty damm obvious to me, but people find creative ways to screw up even the obvious so do feel free to email me questions. Since we're aiming for total distance, I can't see any point in filling in ergs to the nearest meter. I'd go for 10ths of km at most, though its up to you.

Not the PB sheet

This isn't the mechanism for recording notable 2k or 30min ergo times - for those, email me as ever. Don't bother tell me about every erg you do, I don't care - only good ones, as in best-of-the-year or new PBs or suchlike.