Friday 1 October 2010

Winter ergo league

Fired by excess beer at last nights AGM (doubtless to be blogged soon) Gary finally completed the last phase of the much-heraled Winter Ergo League: actually organising the first session. And so this lunchtime Paul, Gary and I went down to Queens, found out how to work the new safe, sat around for a bit, then finally confessed that we would actually have to do an erg. It was raining.

Out mighty awe-inspiring distances (for 30 minutes, of course) were:

William C 7,582
Gary D 7,307
Paul H 7,240

all of us are about 100 m off our years best. The rules of the competition aren't quite clear: the aim is that we all put in £10 and the winner - he (or she) who improves the most by Christmas - wins all. Improves meaning fraction, or distance, or sheer good looks - this has yet to be decided.

The rest of you are invited to join in.


  1. The improvement is by percentage, not increase of distance.

  2. Percentage of what!! Good looks/Charm??