Thursday 22 September 2011


These are the minutes of the 2011 AGM, held on Thursday 22nd Septermber 2011 at 8:30pm, in The Punter.

1.1 Confirmation of Agenda
2.0 Proposed Amendments to the Constitution (Secretary)
2.1 Temporary Membership definition (3.1) – passed subject to a clarification that a temporary member does not need to fill in a membership form (3.2)
2.2 Removal of reference to ‘Chairman’ (9.4) - passed
2.3 Amendment/Correction of ‘Distribution’ clause (15.0) - passed
3.0 Annual Subscription Proposal (Treasurer)
3.1 It was agreed that the annual subscription should be increased to £192/year
4.0 Reports from the 2010/11 Committee
4.1 Club Captain(Chris Wood)
4.2 Treasurer & Membership Secretary (Sarah Coates-Holland)
4.3 Men’s Captain (James Tidy)
4.4 Women’s Captain (Amy Tillson)
4.5 Safety Advisor (Paul Holland)
4.6 Equipment Officer (Andy Southgate)
4.7 Social Secretary (Rebecca Scourse)
4.8 Thanks to Mike Prior Jones for his work in making cox boxes, to Emma Howard and
Emma Bonsall for their effort in making the Head of the Cam run smoothly, to Tom for co-
ordinating HoC Task Team, to Alison for her coxing school efforts, to Simon for his work
with the beginners and to Chris for his captaincy this year.
5.0 Formal Dissolution of the 2010/11 Committee (Secretary)
6.0 Election of 2011/12 Committee (Secretary)
6.1 Final Call for Candidates
6.2 Elections
6.2.1 Club Captain – Chris Wood re-elected
6.2.2 Treasurer &Membership Secretary – Sarah Coates-Holland re-elected
6.2.3 Men’s Captain – Steven Andrews elected
6.2.4 Women’s Captain – Net Mansfield elected
6.2.5 Equipment Officer – James Howard elected
6.2.6 Safety Advisor – Dave Richards elected
6.2.7 Social Secretary – Becca Scourse re-elected
6.2.8 Kit Secretary – Lorraine Turvill elected
6.2.9 Webmaster – William Connolley elected
6.2.10 Secretary – Amy Tillson re-elected
6.2.11 Funding Secretary – position unfilled
6.2.12 Head Coach – position unfilled
6.2.13 Race Secretary – Emma Howard elected
7.0 Any other Business
7.1 Trestles need fixing
7.2 Mens VIII needs a rigger jigger replaced under the coxes seat
7.3 Cox boxes – James Tidy is giving the club one cox box on loan, and giving another to the club. Mike Prior-Jones is happy to look into making more.
7.4 Sponsorship – Current sponsorship deal will end next year – people are looking into asking their companies if they are willing.

* This post was written in November. I've backdated it to the date of the meeting.
* I've redacted the attendees and apologies section, as I don't see why those need to be public.

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