Saturday 10 December 2011

Christmas Head


Not to be confused with last year's Christmas Head, where we were cops and robbers. This year the emphasis was on fun; in the spirit of which we entered three crews as Elite mixed, secure in the knowledge that there was unlikely to be another Elite mixed crew out and so one of us must win. And indeed there wasn't. And with three crews there was enough for a category, though since we were all from the same club it sort-of didn't count, though I gather the fastest crew got pots anyway, doubtless some dubious behind-the-scenes skullduggery going on.

The ladies also entered an VIII, and I heroically entered my first proper sculling race (the previous one was time-only); results for all are at

[This post written well after the event and back-dated, so I may as well say: Happy New Year to all!]


* More pix than you really want to see.

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