Saturday 28 January 2012

Your HOTTmeister speaks

Time to dig out the old ergs again, I'm afraid. The Head of The Trent provides a suitable excuse, but above that: the winter is the time to lay your base for summer fitness. And as I painfully found last night, running just isn't enough. Which isn't strange: rowing and ergs didn't make me fit to run, either.

For the moment we're adopting the innovation of 6k ergs, as it is (a) about the Trent distance (actually 6k is too long, the Trent is probably about a 5k equivalent or less) and (b) it makes a change from half-hours. We're also going to try doing the weight adjustment based on (bodyweight + share of (boatweight + coxweight)) instead of raw bodyweight; this is fairer for the heavy folk and closer to reality. Though up to now, the list of people in raw-erg-order and weight-adjusted-erg-order hasn't mattered much.

In case it isn't obvious, ergs have multiple benefits, apart from the primary one of causing pain. Done regularly, they help fitness, obviously. But they are also excellent mental training for the long haul of headraces, and allow you to see, objectively, how well you can sustain effort; how well you respond in your own mind when your body is begging you to stop.

I expect to update this post as we do more, and/or as people send in scores done on their own. Don't worry, I trust you.

Still more misc ergs

What with the Oxford bumps and the HoC, I've not had any time to push people for ergs, or to put up the scores people have done - apologies. Here are some more:

Bod            Raw Time     Weight  Weight adjusted
Simon E (30m)  7489         64      7976
Simon E (2k)   7:31.5       64      7:03.9
Dave B         7064         78      7200
Dave B         7041         78      7176 
Paul H         7:25.6       71.5    7:08.1
Luca           7:39.4       75 [*]  7:26.8
Harish         8:39.8       80 [*]  8:32.8
Will W (6k)    23:35        79      23:12
WMC (60m)      15075        71      15690
Chris F (5k)   18:11        95      18:38
[*] Estimate

Yet more misc

And still they pour in...

Bod Raw Time Avg raw split Weight Weight adjusted
Steven (30m) 8260 92 8116
Paul H (30m) 7531 74 7767
James H (5k) 18:38 82 18:29
James H (10k) 39:17
Dave B (30m) 6991 78 7126
Chris W (30m) 7711 80 7816
Lorraine (30m) 6782 64 7223
Dave B (30m) 7010 78 7145
Dave B (30m) 7021 78 7156
Dave B (30m) 6793 78 6924
Dave B (30m) 7010 79 7125
Simon G (6k) 25:00 90 25:19
Will W (2k) 7:07.8 79 7:00.9
Simon G (6k) 24:27 99 25:17


On Saturday the river was frozen, so we have another fine crop of scores, as well as some misc collected ones.

Here is the 30 min table updates; note that the current "King of the Hill" is still James Howard, with 8144-adjusts-to-8209:

Bod Raw Time Avg raw split Weight Weight adjusted
Dave B 6884 78 7017
WilliamC 7600 [*] 1:58 72 7885
Dave R 7486 68 7848
Simon E 7093 65 7528
WilliamC 7792 72 8085
WilliamD 7534 93.5 7385
WilliamW 7650 80 7754 [nb: guessed weight]
Steven A 8330 1:48 92 8127
Gary D (30m) 7030 80 7125 [nb: guessed weight]
Dave R (30m) 7568 68 7953
Dave B (30m) 6909 77 7062
Gary D (30m) 7250 82.5 7308

[*] On my home erg, which (I am quite convinced) is about 200m harder than the Queens ones over 30 mins. But don't worry, I'm not adding an adjust for that.

More misc collected scores

Bod Raw Time Avg raw split Weight Weight adjusted
Simon E (6k) 25:04 2:05.3 66 23:42
Dave R (6k) 23:40 68 22:31
Steven A 8330 1:48 95 8127
James H (10k) 38:45
James H (1h) 15644 82.5
Steven A 92
Chris F (2k) 7:06.9 ?
Lorraine 6701 64 7137
Chris W (45m) 11049 80.5


This was our second night of the new year. I need to work out the weight adjustments, and then sort the table.

Bod Raw Time Avg raw split Weight Weight adjusted
Will W 23:28.5 1:57.4 80 23:10
Paul H 23:46 1:58.8 74 23:03
Dave R 24:38 2:03 69 23:31
William C 23:00 1:55 73 22:14
William D 22:59 1:54.9 94 23:30
Chris F 22:24.6 1:52 95 22:58

Misc collected scores

Not yet in table, and/or not entrants, just fitness:

William C 30 mins 7501
Chris W 30 mins 7629
James H 30 mins 8144
James H 6k 21:38.4
Andy S 2k 7:59
James H 2k 6:49.9
Chris W 3k 11:18


This was our first night of the new year.

Bod Raw Time Avg split Weight adjusted
Steven A 21:12 1:46 21:44
James H 22:11 1:51 [+] 22:00
William C 22:53 1:54.5 [*] 22:07
William D 23:49 1:59 24:14

Avg splits are to the nearest 0.5. These should all be treated as a good hard try, but not necessarily the best that could be done ([+]: marginally worse than the 1:50.5 split for his 30 min 8144 earlier in the week, but he'd been running at lunchtime; [*] worse than my 1:53 split for 30 min last April).

All of these are decent scores, and if SA can get down to a 1:45 split I'll be prepared to call that "heroic". If you're not used to doing erg-arithmetic in your head (alas, a sign of someone who has done too many) then a 2:00 split corresponds to a 24:00 time for 6k, or a 7.5k in 30 minutes.

Did I mention how much we all enjoyed Steven's choice of music? Fortunately his speakers did not match his muscles, so it was inaudible. We need what I believe the youth today refer to as a "boom box" or "ghetto blaster".

The 30 mins table

We're concentrating on the 6k scores now, but Due To Popular Demand [%] here is a 30 min table, too.

Bod Raw Distance Date Avg split Weight adjusted
James H 8144 2012/01/? - 8209
William C 7838 2011/11/11 - 8107
Chris W 7629 [+] 2012/02/02 - 7732 (assuming 80 kg)

[%] Well, James Howard is a very popular chap.
[+] Probably not all-out.


* Your ErgMeister Speaks


  1. Alas I was weak... Can you put the 1/2 hr list up as well so I can be top until Steven does one?

  2. No, certainly not. Though I'm just about to fiddle it with weight adjustments, ha ha.

  3. Gotta love the weight adjustment ;-) thanks for all the number crunching William.

  4. I think I would like to check your maths William.

    1. First thing is to check William has your weight correct.

  5. Can you put my 1/2 hr in the misc scores too 8144

  6. James: I've added your 30 mins.

    Also added tonights 6ks. Still need to compute the weight adjustment. We were all weighted and William D is officially 94 in his stockinged feet.

    William D: email me a reminder and I'll send you the Sekrit Spreadsheet of Maths.

  7. It looks like I need to get my weight down to 90 or a bit less to be at my "IDEAL" BMI. No more biscuits for me ;D

    1. The nice thing is that if you keep erging your time will come down along with your weight so its win-win

    2. If it were actually that simple!!