Monday 19 November 2012

Winter head 2012, and farewell to Steven

406933_10100394072727260_2028389233_n First, read the Winter head 2011 post. It was sunny then.

Last year we (well, I'm writing this and I only care about "M1" :-) got 9:32: this year we got 9:16, so that's clearly an improvement. We still didn't win though - after age-adjustment, we came 2nd to Gripper's Wrinklies. Granta won overall in 8:20, but I don't think we're competing with them. This was also Steven Andrews' farewell row for the club - sob - <FX>wipes away tear, blows nose</FX> - although I for one welcome our new giant reptilian overlord.

The start and the marshalling was as farcical as last year, its almost as though they do it deliberately. The race was good and uneventful, except for us overtaking a ladies crew that had accidentally been entered as a mens VIII; happily they conceded us the inside of Ditton Corner, lord knows what would have happened if we'd had to unleash Tidy on them.

Cox: the firm hand of authority, in the shape on James Tidy. S: Andy Southgate; James Howard; Ollie Crabb; Steven Andrews; Tom "Welcome Return" Watt; Chris "Special Guest Star" Smith; Chris Wood; William Connolley.

Oh, and afterwards we went off to Clowns for breakfast, which was good. Then I escaped, but I gather a certain amount of watching-rugby-whilst-drinking-beer-in-the Rad went on. The evening saw a gathering at the Waterman for Katherine W's 40th, Steven's final appearance in a kilt, and some drunken balloon racing.

W VIII Division 2

215818_10100394073535640_378730439_n The ladies were also in div 2, but a bit later. I won't comment, but a certain well-known member of the ladies's side said on facebook "This appears to be a boat full of homeless, huddling with layers to fight off the cold!". Time 11:44, 4/8.

Cox: Ali. S: Anne; Joss; Lorraine; Sarah; Bev; Janice; Debbie; Annie.

W IV Division 1

417001_10100394068785160_1867729051_n That was in division 2. Division 1 was a bit damper, as the photo shows. Anne, Joss, Lorraine, Mel. And some rain. Coxed by Simon, I suspect. Time: 12:13, 3/7.

M VIII Division 2

540003_410813688988056_1896037074_n "M2" were in div 3, so "M1" swapped over at Stourbridge, which despite my comments about last year, worked OK this year. The weather got better for them. Time: 10:13, 5/5.

Cox: James T again. S: Andy "sucker for punishment" Southgate; Will "giant insect" Wykeham; William Dulyea; Simon Green; Luca Simonelli; Dave byrne; Paul "not a mason" Holland; Simon Emmings.

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