Saturday 30 April 2011

Head of the Cam (aftermath)

And the result for the fastest Men's and Women's crews are:


Caius and


Downing. No great surprises there based on Lents. Full results are available from the Chesterton club website.

Stills are (or will be...) available from here. Video will be available from Spannerspotter.

Incidentally, if you think there are areas where we could improve on the running of the event, do please let us know ( We already have some thoughts about marshalling in a strong wind, but please let us have your feedback if you have any suggestions.


1994 Robs
1995 Robs
1996 Eton
1997 F&T
1998 F&T
1999 Caius
2000 ?
2001 ?
2002 Emma (?)
2003 Caius
2004 Broxbourne
2005 Caius
2006 Caius
2007 Downing
2008 Fitz
2009 Jesus
2010 Caius
2011 Caius (Men) and
Downing (Women)

(Results found from reading the shield, and various entrails found on the web)

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