Wednesday 21 July 2010

Bumps, day 2


[M1 coming into the gut, chasing City 3 and being chased by Cantabs 2. Not a great pic (sorry) but you get an idea of the distances]


M1 - down 1
M2 - up 1
M3 - up 1, then row-over as sandwich boat of division 3

W1 - up 1
W2 - up 2

Bumps blogging so far:

* William (M2)
* Amy (W2)

Pix from...

Jo C: Video of W1's bump

Me: mostly M2 posing, and Men's first division.

Chris Woods: M2 and M3, conveniently uploaded to the clubs website; I can never work out how to do that :-)


* M1
* M3
* W2
* W2 bows

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