Thursday 22 July 2010

Bumps, day 3: ladies day

w1-willow-day2 A day for the ladies: W1 and W2 both bumped up, so W2 are now on for blades tomorrow. Great stuff.

The men fared less well: M3 rowed over (twice) being sandwich boat. Still, the exercise is good for them. M2 rowed over, after closing to within a length of Cantabs 7 but losing it on Grassy. M1 went down about at the White House, painful.


* William (M2)
* Amy (W2)
* Paul Holland for the Cmabridge News.

Also, there are loads of pix on various facebook pages (the pix here is ripped from Jo Crisall's album. It is actually a pic from yesterday, but I haven't seen any from today yet). We should make some kind of collection thingy.

[Extra pic added, one of Ivan's says Amy, W2 from Wednesday (day 2)]

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