Sunday 22 May 2011

Champs Eights Head

M3 rowing home

A very turbulent day's racing. Chesterton entered four eights- a near-full-strength M1, an M2-with-several-subs, and an M3-also-with-several-subs.

Conditions were particularly windy, gusting down the Reach and forming white horses at first, although the wind did die down throughout the day (relatively!) giving the first division the worst conditions, and the third division the best- proven by various colleges who raced the same crew more than once, and also Jesus M1 beating Caius M1 to overall first place. The latter were in the first division, the former in the third.

Times for Chesterton boats-

M1 (Vet B) got 5'48". This was the fastest raw time for a veteran eight, beating a City crew composed of experienced people- who were in the faster second division- by one second. However, being Vet C, they had a better adjustment and pipped us to the pots by 3 seconds. Nevertheless, a good, strong row.

M2 (CRA Novice) got 6'35", having had a strong performance. They came in second in the category (I believe) behind a City eight that got a fraction under 6 minutes, but still a good achievement.

M3 (Also CRA novice) got 6'55", despite some dubious rowing from the 3 seat, and beat a crew so they weren't last in the category- a good achievement for a completely scratch crew with no warm-up!

The women entered a scratch crew, and achieved 7'46". Despite an unfortunate wind gust that took them very wide around Ditton corner, and led them to graze the far bank, they reset out and rowed a reasonable race. They were third (I think) in their category.

Full results to follow, along with more photographs, when Champs release them.

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  1. Go us! I feel you somewhat under-emphasise my role in the Glorious Result of M3.