Tuesday 5 July 2011

CRA timed race 2011

DSC_7464-cra-timed-race-2011-results The CRA timed race is sort of the rowing-on race for the CRA bumps, except there are spare places, so it isn't. As I understand it. But it is a chance to row over, errm, not the actual course (because it is rowed from the railway bridge to Jesus boathouse, more or less, which bears precious little relation to the real course), a bit before the bumps, with something that may or may not be your actual crew.

Anyway, bugger all the caveats, here are the results, hot off the press, ripped off a boathouse wall by James Tiny (who he?) and presented to you here and now. The official version will be available sometime soon once the CRA website recovers from its DoS attack.

So, well, you can read the results for yourself. The only question is, can you interpret them correctly? We started 5 and came 4 which is fine. The Tabs crew that pushed us to the lock didn't deign to race, though. Nines look to be utterly f*ck*d, unless that is the 3rd crew or something - who knows.

Our M2 crew looks fairly handy for a boat close to the bottom of M2, and our ladies deserve congratulations for winning pots as fastest novice ladies - very promising. And after it all we repaired for a jolly evening in the Waterman which was excellent. That Chris Smith was there, and he didn't insult us particularly severely, which must be good, no?

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