Sunday 17 July 2011

Xpress heads


The Xpress head was on the 20th of June. We put in a decent crew and won in 9:42; you can even see our track (the section from ~30 to ~40 mins is the race itself).

That is the big pot. The rather nice shot glass is from the Xpress "International" Head Race on the 25th of June; the word "International" is intended somewhat for fun; from what I gather the excuse for the event is an exchange between Circolo Canottieri Aniene of Rome and Xpress: every second year they visit each other, alternating Rome and Cambridge. Steven / Katherine organised a mixed mixed VIII coxed by Simon, middle four from M1 (Ollie, Steven, Chris, William), stroked by Anna Rosa from Robs, Sarah at 7; and Tanja and Katherine again from Robs in the bows. And the Robs folk came from us originally I gather. Of the race: there was a stiff head wind. We came in 11:02 which won us the mixed category; GPS track here. We even got a plaque, which has been on various exciting adventures around the world since. Chesterton also put in a second crew in the second division (Meg coxing; a welcome back to Ralph at stroke; Katherine again; William C (sitting oddly on strokeside), Will W, Andi R, Simon, and special guest appearance by Emma "never again" M.). So I have two shot glasses :-).

[Yes, this post is a bit late, but better than never]

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