Tuesday 21 February 2012

Winter league, leg 2.

Sunday was quiet and sunny, with a slight headwind on the Reach declining through the day. The first division unfortunates were happier than leg 1, since the sun was up. And the results were...

Div Crew Class # Leg 1 Leg 2 Total Place
301.00 Cantabs Men IM1 8 1301 08:58 08:59 17:57 1
401.00 Cantabs Men IM1 8 1401 09:19 09:25 18:44 2
402.00 Cantabs Men IM2 8 1402 09:23 09:26 18:49 3
302.00 IoEly/Robs Men IM1 4X 1305 09:34 09:31 19:05 4
404.00 Nines Men IM3 8 1403 09:49 09:34 19:23 5
201.00 City Men IM2 8 1101 09:33 09:56 19:29 6

at the top. Cantabs continue to dominate, and the City men fade. Can it be pure co-incidence that later divisions are faster? I blame the headwind dropping (but couldn't find the effect in closer statistical analysis).

Lower down, we come to the interesting bits (err, for the men):

204.00 X-Press Men Nov 8 1215 10:14 10:42 20:56 18
104.00 Radegund Men Nov 8 1156 10:20 10:47 21:07 24
408.00 Champs Men Nov 8 1457 10:40 10:36 21:16 26
105.00 Chesterton Men Nov 8 1106 10:27 11:04 21:31 29

So (curse them!) Champs have sneaked past us to take the #3 spot. If you look at the full results you'll see that most crews were slower in leg 2 (we certainly were, as were Rad and Press). But Champs were faster, ho hum - possibly benefitting from less headwind in div 4, or maybe they've just been practising :-). The result was a bit of a surprise, since the row felt OK - 30/31, decent line, not obviously flawed rowing, and I at least was back on the One True Side.


343.00 Chesterton W Nov 8 1323 12:41 13:48 26:29 161
148.00 Chesterton W Nov 4+ 1123 12:52 13:46 26:38 164
251.00 Chesterton Men Nov 1X 1244 13:52 13:54 27:46 174

The Women's VIII stayed a little ahead of the IV in overall time, but the IV beat them by 2 secs on this leg. I improved my time, relatively, in the scull, being only 2 seconds slower. Err.

To show how the two legs compare I made this picture, which I think is instructive:


It is a plot of times against current-position (which means that deviations anti-correlate: if you were slow in leg 1, then on this plot there will be a spike up in leg 2. Think about it...). But it is noticeable that our deviations are larger.

To be continued in leg 3...


* Leg 1 - January


  1. It could just be that the race timing was inept, did you time it in the boat at all?

    Good work in the scull William, you remain a long way ahead of those of us who are too lame to race at all ;-)

    1. One of these days I can at least have a try at proper Sculling.

    2. This is the year for me to scull as well, its made harder for you and I william because we have to use Jake which is stored down at combined which is a much harder place to practice from than Peterhouse.

    3. I assume then that we would have to walk it down to the other side of Elizabeth way? How many Kg is Jake+blades?

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. For my first session I got Tanja to row it up to Queens before I got in. Subsequently you just have to be brave and paddle up to the boathouses (or downstream). Best pick a calm day and not go out when the colleges are out - lunchtime or Sunday afternoons are good.

  2. I seem to recall that someone in the front of the boat called out "length" at least a couple of times during the race.

  3. whoever that was was not working hard enough, that might explain the time in itself

    1. There was a tiny bit of that from somewhere behind me, yes, that really shouldn't have been there. More length is (almost) always good, but from where I was it wasn't clearly the problem. We should have got Simon to video-phone us.

    2. Honestly I could not be sure myself what was happening (I was clearly working very hard) but it did feel heavy as soon we started to come around the last reach before making the run to the railway bridge.

    3. Just realised they may have been asking for a longer race so they got their moneys worth

  4. Are you sure there were 8 in the boat? Perhaps you forget to take the bowman along?

    1. Maybe overboard with one, which clearly explains why it felt heavy :D

  5. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed what the time stamp on these posts is?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Yes, that is wierd, the settings look correct but I must have missed something. Can Dr C Fix it?