Thursday 2 February 2012

Head of the Cam: Saturday 28th April 2012

hoc-shield The Head of the Cam Race is to be held on SATURDAY 28th APRIL this year (or, if you're coming from the Cambridge Rowing Messageboards, its on the 28th of Badgering).


See the new posting: final results and round-up.

FINAL Results

The final results are now available. Congratulations to Caius in both the men's and women's categories.

Note: some of the boat numbers are wrong in the final-sorted pane. This will be fixed.

Note: a pair on glasses in a Kangol case were found on the towpath during the event.

Final draw

The final draw is now available.


Useful notes

  • Race control is at Queens boathouse, upstairs. We're open from 7:45 for numbers.
  • Divisions 1 and 2 have a large number of VIII's - to ensure a prompt start, it will help if the crews can make some attempt to come up the reach in reverse order.
  • The overtaking rule is going to be "cede the racing line to the faster crew".
  • The start marshall will endeavour to be flexible about the start order, particularly at the tail of the divisions, either at crews requests or as seems suitable to them.

Entries are closed

Entries closed on Tuesday (yes, really they did, honest. Unless you're very very nice to me.

Provisional draw on Wednesday. After the howls of outrage, the final draw will be available on Thursday. So far, everyone has got the division they want unless I've specifically told them otherwise.


Course of 2,600m upstream on the river Cam. 4 divisions, VIII's, IV's, smaller boats. BR, CRA, College classes.

Enquiries and entries:

please contact the Race Secretary, William Connolley, at / 07985 935400. For entries,please state your crew details: club, boat type (VIII,, 4+, 4-, 4x, 2, 2x, 1x, etc), crew status (CRA / BR / College 1st Mays, 2nd, etc.), preferred division, and any constraints with crews in other divisions.

4 divisions, times:

Division 10900
Division 21040
Division 31220
Division 41400

Entry: £6 per rowing seat. Cheques payable to CRA, sent to W M Connolley, 28 Silverdale Avenue, Coton, CB23 7PP. Put your crew name(s) clearly on the back or on an enclosure.

Entry deadline: everyone wants to know what the entry deadline is, so that they can submit their entry 5 minutes before it, or more likely a day afterwards. Don't make me come and kill you. The deadline is the Tuesday before the race.

head-of-the-cam-course-map The course is 2,600 m. Click on the map for a larger version, or explore via google maps.

You can also look at the Head of the Cam, 2011 featuring links to photos of all crews and videos too.

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