Monday 29 March 2010

HoRR/Vets Head Photos

Well done to everyone who rowed/coxed the Mens and Veterans's Heads at the weekend, especially the crazy people who did it twice! It was a great weekend for all concerned! Race Reports will follow shortly.

Mens Head

(302/420 with a time of 19.57)

Cox: James T
Stroke: Ralph H
7: James H
6: Tom W
5: William C
4: Tom M
3: Mike P-J
2: Chris W
Bow: Paul H

Vets Head Crew

(92/204 with a time of 15.04, beating loads of men-only boats!)

Cox James T
Stroke: Joss T
7: Claire H
6: Ralph H
5: James H
4: Tom W
3: Paul H
2: Bev E
Bow: Janice D

Here are some photos from the races and links to where there are more.

Mens Head of the River Race


More at :

Birdman (Hammersmith)

More at

Jet Photographic



Vets Head of the River Race


More at


More at



  1. Bigblade makes us look better than JET. Let's go with them!

  2. Observation: from ALL the shots of the Mens HORR, Stroke is consistently reaching out further at the catch than anyone else. Given the rest of the crew are consistently catching at the same angle, Stroke could be more flexible than the rest of the crew or perhaps overcompressing. There are no clear shots of angles at the finish, but it might be worth checking set-up for catch and finish positions (adding straws?)to find a better consensus on sweep angles.

  3. I agree with CM.

    Also: ouch:

  4. Actually, I spoke too soon. It may be true, but some of that may be optical illusion based on 6 being comparitively short at the catch.

  5. Despite any of the usual post critique I think you have all done the club and yourselves proud this weekend.

    Excellent work guys and gals ;-)