Sunday 14 March 2010

Tideway results

As most of you know the Tideway VIII raced in the Women's' head of the River race yesterday and are delighted to report we came 248th out of 289 with a time of 22.29. This is a big improvement on recent results where we have come in the 280s. The time on its own does not mean that much as it depends on the weather conditions of the day, but we finished 11th out of 17 in our category of novice club.

I think the most telling fact is that boat 199 who chased us all the way and only overtook us on the finish ended up with a time of 22.08 (ie 20 secs faster) and position 219 - well within our grasp.

Other Cambridge crews who took part

City A IM1 19.56 25th
Claire A's boat 20.41 79th
City B IM3 20.42 81st
Cantabs A IM2 20.57 104th
City C IM3 21.43 181st
99s IM2 21.48 - must be annoyed to be beaten by City C 190th - but only 40 sec faster than us
Champs 1 IM3 21.50 195th
Cantabs B IM3 21.59 210th
City D 22.29 246th
Chesterton 22.29 248th - City D just beat us by part of a second - presumably the same crew who made a dramatic improvement in Winter league last week

In the novice club category (our category)
Winner was Bexhill and Worthing RC 21.12
Last City of Oxford 24.35
A 3 min range of times - and we are nearer the winner than the loser.

The clubs that beat us were Norwich, Nottingham (both very big clubs), 5 clubs from the Thames and Aberdeen RC. We beat Lea, Eton Excelsior, Kingston, Vesta, Doncaster and City of Oxford.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to go especially Claire, Kate (our cox) and Andy S for making sure the boat would pass the inspection and giving me every single spare part he could think of.


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