Tuesday 9 March 2010

New Eight, new Blog

Photo courtesy of WMC

Hello, and welcome to the Chesterton Rowing Club blog. On here, we will post photos, videos to review, the ergo table, and reports and photos from races and events.

The first item of news is the new men's eight. The club now has two decent eights, for the mens' and womens' squads, which will help us to train well and become more competitive in races!
Forthcoming events for the women include the Womens' Eights Head of the River Race on Saturday 13th, and for the men, the Hammersmith Head on the 14th.


  1. The gleaming boat on the trestles certainly looks fast, a big improvement on the plastic one.

  2. Cheap, brittle, stiff, plastic rubbish,not sturdy and bendy and soft with wood grain. And the boat house looks to be in Chesterton colours also!

  3. Certainly, the wooden boat is more eco-friendly...

  4. Hey James, stick a title in the settings page so the blog has a name attached.