Saturday 4 August 2012

The battle of Armageddon

M3, Day 3. (Row-Over… Twice!)

Chris has us catapulted to 1577 & Drake’s 3 year circumnavigation, pillaging his way around the world. We fear it’s gonna feel like it too!

So duly installed back where we were day 1… at the head of Division 4… we seasoned warriors cheer our gutsy W2 boat past to their much later bump down (Dang!) & install ourselves at the start point.

The start’s not perfect but we’ve had worse… much worse. Smooth water ahead, “Outspoken” clattering their way down the running order behind…what can go wrong?

The answer is... despite our best efforts... nothing!
A steady charge up the river, the pressure is soon off as the bumping chaos behind leaves the last opposition with an unattainable over-bump to get us. Steady & firm we start to settle & grind it out.
As we tire the crabs creep back in & the corners are not the tidiest but we make it in good order & not totally shagged.

Immediate spin & back down to the lock we go… crikey it seems a long way!!

Chris has by now taken leave of his senses & we are mounting a “mighty & valiant charge to Mount Meggido by the chariots of Thutmoses III”… The battle of Armageddon. Not my period to be fair but it sounds about right!

According to his dispatches “the King of Kadesh bumped out early leaving the M3 chariot milling about the field looking slightly non-plussed.”

…& so it was. A valiant start, giving it our all, closed the gap initially but bumping up ahead left us with a daunting over-bump to chase. We ground it out, managing to keep station but in the end making little impression.

Chris throttled us back at Ditton Corner, sparing us valiant galley slaves the unnecessary whip; an act of kindness & mercy calculated to position us for even honours at the very least on day 4...

I’m all for positivity but I can’t help now seeing Chris with bristling tash… as General Melchett… uttering his finest rallying cry… If all else fails, a total pig headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through!

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