Saturday 4 August 2012

War of the Spanish Succession

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Day 2. (Bump Up, Row-Over)

Chris has us re-grouped back in the War of the Spanish Succession… The Duke of Marlborough’s 250 mile march across the Low Countries to the Battle of Blenheim (1704). Frankly despite his rousing intent he’s sounding more Churchill than Marlborough. I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears & sweat…

Still, a tidier row down & we’re soon back to our ringside seat for another mowing down of W2… Further this time but they’re caught just beyond us... (Bollocks!). Hey ho… minds to our own daunting task...A tidier spin & we’re lined up, buoyed by some previous night spy footage of our
opposition courtesy of William C.

At the gun we’re off with the customary lurch & a spectacular crab but we’re all facing the
right way & we’re moving!!

It’s not quite the coordinated volley fire of a well drilled platoon… more ‘individual rapid fire’
but “Outspoken” are simply no match. Oh the glory as we clatter into their flailing paddles at full tilt (well a brisk jogging pace).

A BUMP!!… Fantastic.

And so, swelled with pride & self belief we rattle back down stream to our well earned place at the lock for round two. Cocky now, Chris has us perform some sort of reverse spin (“not bad boys”)… & with an eleven point backing manoeuvre & a bit of terse shouting we’re safely at our station.

At the gun we’re off… improving! improving!… And so we rattled our way up the river. The photographic evidence tells the story in itself.
We’re tired, a little ragged, decidedly odd around grassy, but we hold it together & make it to the end not a million miles behind the illustrious X-Press boat.
A row over at 2.5 lengths… not bad.

And so, only day 2 & we’ve experienced it all… A bump down, a bump up & a row over. Tired & happy we contemplate day 3 ahead.


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